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Make Your Own Electric Guitar has become the chosen reference for many guitar-makers and this new, fully revised and expanded third edition now contains even more useful information to help you realise that dream. Over 300 pages with photos and diagrams to guide you through your build.

With chapters on designing the guitar, choice of wood and tools, fretting, truss rods and electrics and with three fully illustrated projects detailing the many and varied methods used, this book is widely accepted as the definitive work on the subject.

Written by Melvyn Hiscock in a relaxed style which is both informative and interesting, it is ideally suited to the individual or student, guitar expert or novice and to anyone with more than a passing interest in the most influential instrument of the century.

USA BUYERS! Now you can buy from the States. Please find the USA website link on our SHOP page.

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Guitarist review – Aug 2021

'The book is a document of the hand-builder, the craftsperson that Melvyn was'

If you were thinking about making an electric guitar back in the late 80s, you probably know of Melvyn Hiscock’s authoritative tome. Originally published in 1986, Make Your Own Electric Guitar has been referenced as an influence by plenty of guitar makers, from Saul Koll to Ola Strandberg. Back then, in pre-internet times, there really wasn’t very much else to browse and Melvyn’s book seemed very

Caroline Hiscock’s RAF Wingwalk

I am doing the RAFA Wing walk for charity on the 12th September. Anything you feel you can donate will be gratefully received. Just click HERE to go to the Just Giving page. I’ll endeavour to post my exploits up here after the event. Many thanks.
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Melvyn Hiscock

Dear Friends,

As some of you may know Melvyn sadly passed away recently after a very brave and long fight. Over many months he kept himself going with editing and organising the release of this wonderful book. He cherished the feedback he got over the years about the book and many readers became friends through a great shared interest in guitars, music and life, not to mention aviation! But that's another story.

I would like to say thanks to all who sent messages of love and kindness from all over the world at the time of Melvyn's passing. I will do all I can to continue his legacy through this website.

Caroline Hiscock
April 2021

What kind folk have said

Melvyn Hiscock has had the time, talent and infinite patience to produce this fine work, just the very thing I could have done with had it been available 30 years ago! Herein you will find a wealth of answers to questions which crop up at every stage in the design and creation of your own instrument, something which may eventually fit you more comfortably than your favourite slippers, or any commercially available guitar.’ Dr. Brian May

The catalyst that first sparked my interest in making a guitar – (just as a hobby) – was a book called ‘Make Your Own Electric Guitar’ by Melvin Hiscock. It was my roadmap to realising my first guitar. Ola Strandberg (Founder, Strandberg Guitars)

Five thousand guitars, seventeen years, and nine staff. All because of one book and a dream. Thanks Melvyn! Perry Ormsby (Ormsby Guitars)

Back in the early days of my building journey, Melvyn’s original book was an invaluable resource. Scott Ambush (Ambush basses, bassist for Spyro Gyra)

I made my first guitar the same year Melvyn Hiscock’s book was first published, 1986. There wasn’t much info out there and so I made it up as I went along. Eventually I stumbled upon this book and it changed everything. Suddenly all of the mystery and secrets of guitar making I couldn’t figure out were here, presented clearly and in a friendly way. This book made me want to make more guitars. I blame you Melvyn! It is a fantastic reference manual. I can’t recall how many I’ve given to my students.’ Saul Koll (Koll Guitars)