Melvyn Hiscock

It is my firm belief that a show can be runined by a bad commentator, but then I would say that wouldn't I? However, some show organisers do not seem to appreciate just how much work a commentator SHOULD be doing. For one thing each item should have been researched and studied before the show, at least one day's preparation is normally required.

More importantly, the show commentator should be the link between the organisers and emergency services and the public should anything out of the ordinary happen. This can range from weather delays to something more serious. Prior to the show I would expect to be included in any safety briefs so that everyone is aware of who is responsible for what and what should be communicated to the public.

This particular commentator is also happy to interact with the media on television and radio and frequently supplies the voice over on aviation DVDs.

I would also ask that you remember that it takes time to travel to and from the show and this is usually included in the show fee.

You can get cheap and even free commentators, but are they professional and prepared to do all of the work required?