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When I started making guitars it was only possible to buy ‘original’ equipment, pickups from Fender or Gibson, at very high (for then) prices or cheap Far Eastern pickups. This changed in the 1970s when companies such as DiMarzio, Mighty Mite and Schecter started producing replacements. Some of these were very good and some were pretty questionable. Some were built to attempt to replicate the pickups of the 1950s, although they did not always succeed, and some were higher output pickups. Some of these were really over the top and were not best sounding.

In more recent years the trend has been towards variations on older pickups but I have still found it hard to get exactly what I want so the simple answer was to make them myself. With almost 40 years experience of making, repairing and playing guitars I have built up a lot of experience and can bring this to the dark art of making pickups.

In reality it is not such a dark art, what makes one pickup different to another is a variety of factors and choosing how these interact is the key to good pickup design.

Melvyn Hiscock Pickups are currently all made, by me and by hand. Each one is made from the best possible components and wound to produce a specific sound. The pickups shown here are just examples, if you want something specific please let me know


Melvyn Hiscock Humbuckers     

Black Classic


Based on an average of several very nice old Gibson PAF humbuckers, these will give a classic blues and rock tone with good clarity. These are particularly nice in the neck position and clean up nicely when the volume is wound back.

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Classic Plus

This is a slightly punchier version of the classic that is an excellent pickup that is not as harsh as some humbuckers but still delivers a satisfying punch.

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Classic Vintagenickelhb

The Classic Vintage is a more mellow pickup that has not lost any of its punch. Very good for replicating the sounds of some classic instruments.

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Classic Bite

Made to resemble some of the pickups from the mid 1960s, the Classic Bite has a little more output and a tad more top end that helps cut through.

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Classic Duo

The duo is two pickups in the same casing. The inner winding is designed to sound similar to a Gretsch Filtertron and the outer winding more like a standard humbucker. Using the low powered winding gives a cleaner and crunchier sound that remains humbucking and switching in the higher powered winding gives a classic humbucker sound with plenty of drive. These pickups can be seen in action here The pickups have a five core wire and each needs a DPDT switch to change the winding. Push/pull and push/push pots can be supplied with wiring diagrams.

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The Drivengoldhb

A higher output pickup designed to give a pickup that does not suffer from too many mids as some high output pickups do. This is a real rock pickup that distorts nicely and cleans up well as the volume is wound down.

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Humbucker pricesUncovered Nickel 65Covered Nickel 70Covered Gold 75
Cassic DuoUncovered Nickel 90Covered Nickel 95Covered Gold 100

Suggested pairingsBridge Neck
Pure BluesClassic PlusClassic Vintage
JazzClassic VintageClassic Vintage
Classic RockClassic PlusClassic
OverdrivenThe DrivenClassic Bite

Single Coil pickups



Soapbars and Dog Ears

It is no secret that I love the sound of P90s. These are available in vintage or modern soapbar bases or dogears.

Classic 90

The Classic 90 is a great choice for the neck pickup on any P90 guitar. It has a slightly cleaner quality and great definition.

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Classic 90 Plus90

Like the Classic Plus humbucker, this is a slightly punchier version that growls nicely at all volumes. Put one in the bridge position and a Classic 90 at the neck and get a great pair.

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Classic 90 Vintage

Made to replicate the best of the early 1950s P90s, this is a good, mellow pickup that still has enough punch.

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Classic 90 Duo

This is a two coil pickup that has a smaller, lower output, coil and a higher output coil on top of this. This will give a nice crunchy stratty-type sound on the small coil and al of the character you would expect on the higher output coil. This pickup needs a SPDT switch or two can be operated on a DPDT. Push/pull pots and Push/push pots are available.

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Classic 90 pricesDogear or soapbar with cover 60Gold poles 70The Classic 90 Duo 85

TC Vintage


Early Fender Esquires and Broadcasters had pickups that differed from later ones as the wire was finer and so the coil was a little less fat than on later pickups. These had a strong output and a bright and twangy sound. The TC Vintage replicates this. Zinc coated baseplate

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TC Classic

Using the slightly heavier wire of the pickups from the late 1950s, this had all the character and twang you would expect.

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TC Drive

An overwound pickup that has slightly more mid but still plenty of definition.

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SC seriesSCmint

SC pickups are available as individual pickups and as sets and are also available pre-wired onto scratchplates. These are priced on request as the style and material of the scratchplate and the electrical components can vary.

SC Vintage

The classic staggered pickup built to replicated the best of the 1960s pickups. These are supplied with the mid pickup reverse wound with reverse polarity although can be ordered standard.

SC Vintage are built to replicate the classic pickups from the early 1960s. 1950s versions are also available.

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SC Classic

The Classic is a slightly hotter version of the pickup that gives a little more bite.

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SC Driver

The SC Driver is a higher output pickup designed for the bridge position to compensate for the lower output of the string at this point.

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All SC pickups are 30 each or 90 for the set. Covers are included, please specify white, parchment or mint green

Bass Pickups

All of the classic designs are available in a variety of models. Under development are several five- and six-string bass pickups and bespoke pickups are available.

Covers are also available.

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Coming Soon

Telecaster control plates wired with a five position switch giving the three standard sounds with the addition of both pickups in series and both in series but out of phase.

Classic 90 Duo single for T-style guitars. A Classic 90 Duo with a Tele control plate with a three position switch that gives either or both windings, giving three different outputs, tone and volume.

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