Make Your Own Electric Guitar Make Your Own Electric Guitar


Since it was released originally in 1986, Make Your Own Electric Guitar has become the book people look at first when starting out.  The original plan was to write a book that was as much about making guitars as how to make one. I did not want to make a ‘do it my way or else’ book and preferred to provide as much information as I could so that the reader would make their own mind up about what they wanted to do and take it from there.

The approach seems to have worked and over 120,000 copies have now sold since then. I took on the publishing in 1998 and the second edition is for sale direct from here or available from IPG Publishing  in the United States and Canada.

The book takes the reader through the steps needed to design and make the guitar of their choice and explains many of the mysteries of the electric guitar on the way, such as fretting theory, truss rods, electrics etc. A total of five guitars are also built in the book, two from parts and three from scratch, that show the various methods used.

224 pages Over 300 photos    21.95

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